HSE – OPERATING THEATRES CONSTRUCTION – CROOM HOSPITAL (Mid Western Regional Orthopaedic Hospital, Croom, Co. Limerick)

Due to the rapid build nature of the works under Covid-19 Crisis Works Building Control Regulations 2020 works were designed and constructed simultaneously under Clancy Construction. Design was developed during construction by Design Teams in co-operation with Main Contractor in response to the national public health emergency. Fortress Planning were commissioned as Assigned Certifier and Project Supervisor Design Process for the Project.

The project consists of the construction of a 5 operating theatres including treatment rooms, nurses station etc. and all associates M&E works and services. . The building was phase 2 of this project as phase 1 included ground floor (24 bed ward) and this project completed the upward expansion of up to 2 additional floors for theatres (1st Floor) & Plant (2nd Floor).

The works were commissioned at short notice at the beginning of March 2020 as part of the Health Service Executive’s Covid 19 emergency planning and were constructed under Covid-19 Crisis Works Building Control Regulations 2020 (STATUTORY INSTRUMENTS. S.I. No. 112 of 2020 and S.I. No. 113 of 2020).

Fortress Planning were part of the Design Team fulfilling roles of Assigned Certifier and PSDP.

The design Team consisted of the following:

  • Ready Architecture & Urbanisation – Architect
  • Clancy Construction – Main Contractor
  • Don O’Malley Ltd. – Mechanical & Electrical Consultant
  • Horgan Lynch Partners – Engineering Consultant
  • Fortress Planning – Assigned Certifier and PSDP
  • MJP Consultants – Fire Design
  • GSP fire Ltd. – Fire Engineer