I visited Achill Island two weeks ago and it was my first time to do so. Purposely I did no reading or research before I got there and I was so delighted because… what a fascinating place. Lots of interesting aspects if you’re into building materials.

The varying stone types in one small area was engrossing. I’m no geologist but I could spot quartz, white marble glass, limestone, red and yellow sandstone, what I think must be mud stone, and so much more that will have to be researched when I get a moment.

Found something else of much interest. Some of the vernacular buildings had grey patches on their roofs that appeared to be spalling. Then I thought, asbestos? But on closer inspection I could see something else entirely. Some roofs had a thick render layer over the slates and some had a white wash. An interesting solution to protect the building against severe and relentless wind and rain. The parging-like render is used to keep the slates in place while still allowing the transfer of vapour.

If you have a traditional building (pre 1919), be it protected or otherwise, and you wish to upgrade it or give it some tlc, give us a call