Conservation Treasure – Shop Front Heritage

On a professional hunch we opened up a corbel (approx. 20 years old) of a protected shop front today, and look what we found… A stylised Acanthus leaf. The acanthus is a Mediterranean plant and was introduced as an ornament to roofs, friezes and column heads in Greece in the 5th Century.

This corbel appears original to the building, and on a walkabout of the town that the shop is located in, we spotted a bit of a theme on the main street. Of those shop fronts that were unaltered, that is.

The corbel shows signs of rot on the lower sections and as part of the alterations to the premises it is intended to assess the full front by removing the rest of the modern additions. We will then see what can be conserved and what must be remediated/replaced to prevent damage to the remaining elements.

If you have a traditional building (pre 1919), be it protected or otherwise, and you wish to upgrade it or give it some tlc.
20220616_121757 Rev1
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