Why Choose A Registered Building Surveyor As Your Assigned Certifier

Those that understand BC(A)R 2014 will know that the Assigned Certifier must be a Registered Building Surveyor, Registered Architect or Chartered Engineer. But why choose a Registered Building Surveyor?

Building Surveyors are more usually associated with existing building stock. We are also referred to as Building Pathologists, diagnosing and making recommendations for treatment of issues like cracking, mould, water ingress, timber rot and other defects. Making judgement on such issues is on the back of distilled knowledge of building materials, components, external impacts and forces.

Building Surveyors are educated in varying degrees of architectural design and detailing, structural engineering, construction studies, material science (chem and physics), soil mechanics, building defects, dilapidations, costing and building services. After all, in order to know what ails a building, we must understand how they are put together.
Work safety helmet casting a shadow of buildings: architecture, engineering and construction project idea

As Assigned Certifiers for new builds, all this distillation of knowledge is used as a filter when it comes to inspecting construction, calling attention to aspects that may need to be remedied before they are closed up or covered.

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