Project Management

Why get a Project Manager? Project Managers are not a necessity for every project.  For example, if you were to hire a contracting firm to build a one-off dwelling a Project Manager might be considered excessive. This might be due to the fact that the ordering of material, progress scheduling and budgeting control is largely dealt with by the contractor. However if you live abroad and wish to build by direct labour then you might consider a Project Manager to manage the construction of a one-off dwelling on your behalf and to look after your best interests.


Project Managers are the most cost effective means of controlling a project when it is a large and varied one.  Large projects might involve one main contractor and several specialised contractors.  The more parties involved in a construction project the greater the need for structure and high management so that an end product can be arrived at within the allotted time and to budget.  The Senior Project Manager at Fortress Planning is Mike Ryan.  Mike has over 20 years of project management experience in the pharmaceutical, brewery, dairy and industrial/commercial areas as well as in community projects and has earned a reputation for bringing projects in on time and on budget.


Services include:

  • Tender Packages
  • Preliminary Health and Safety Plan(s)
  • Detailed drawings including architectural details, construction details and specifications for tender and construction
  • Financial and budgetary reporting
  • Financial control
  • Project schedule(s)
  • Progress Contractors’ Meetings
  • Management of on-site contractors
  • Facilitating communication between client and contractors
  • Interim inspections of construction stages, practical completion, snag lists and certification of compliance
  • Compilation of project specific documentation and as-built drawings for client


A good Project Manager’s primary concern is to their client, be this an individual, company or a committee.  They are the main point of contact and are answerable and accountable to their client at all times during the project.



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