Interim Inspections And Certificates of Compliance

Interim Inspections & Certificates of Compliance

What are Interim Inspections?  

Interim Inspections are site visits to inspect and sign off construction work at nominated stages. 


Why do I need to hire someone to carry out Interim Inspections?  

Following your receipt of a Notification of a Grant of planning permission, usually the next step is to approach the lending agency to secure a loan to build.  The lending agency will wish to ensure that their loan is protected and will insist their client contracts an Assigned Certifier to see that works are carried out in accordance with Building Regulations and Planning Permission.  It is also the case that to comply with the Building Control (Amendment) Regulations 2014 both an Assigned Designer and Assigned Certifier will need to be appointed to certify works to dwellings and extensions over 40m2, unless you are to choose the Opt Out procedure.  To Opt Out you will have to sign and submit the 'Declaration of Intention to Opt Out of Staturary Certification' when you intend to build.      


Who is qualified to carry out Interim Inspections?  

Interim Inspections are carried out by Registered Building Surveyors, Registered Architects and Chartered Engineers.  The Register of Building Surveyors is kept by the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland.  The Register for Architects is kept by the Royal Institute of Architects Ireland.  The suitable Chartered Engineer is defined under Section 7 of the Institute of Engineers of Ireland (Charter Amendment) Act 1969.      


What are Certificates of Compliance on Completion?

Following the completion of building works those carrying out Interim Inspections release to the client and/or lending agency Certificates of Compliance on Completion stating that the works are in compliance with Building Regulations.     


Why hire a professional to carry out Interim Inspections on a dwelling if a loan from the lending agency is not necessary?

All new dwellings and extensions over 40m2 require specific certificates depending on whether you get an Assigned Designer and an Assigned Certifier to comply with Building Control (Amendment) Regulations 2014 or alternatively if the Opt Out avenue is chosen the owner will still have to show that they have built in accordance with building regulations.  If the building is under 40m2 it is still advisable to contract a professional to overlook the construction as this protects you, the client.      


Brigid Browne of Fortress Planning is a Registered Building Surveyor and can therefore carry out the roles of both Assigned Designer and Assigned Certifier.  If planning drawings are provided by a third party these can be upgraded by Fortress Planning to construction (including architectural/engineering detail where required) drawings.    



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