Building Surveys

Thinking of purchasing a dwelling?

A Building Survey is carried out on behalf of a would-be purchaser or a lending agency to establish the condition of a dwelling. 

Its main purpose is to protect the purchaser from profound and not so obvious defects.  It is also used as a tool to have works carried out to the dwelling prior to purchase and in some limited cases it can be used as a means to reduce the sales price.  A Building Survey can also be referred to as a House Buying Survey or a Structural Survey.  


Carrying out works to a semi-detached or terrace dwelling and want to protect yourself from bogus claims by your neighbour?

A Condition Survey is a photographic and measurement survey that records the existing and current condition of a building prior to works beginning.  This can act as a record.  

Often during works issues might arise regarding new cracks or moisture ingress to neighbouring properties.  In order to establish whether these claims are legitimate the Condition Survey record can be called upon, before-and-after photos and descriptions can be compared, and findings can be established.


Thinking of extending or renovating your dwelling or merely wish to have a set of house plans drawn up?  


A Measuring Survey can be carried out detailing room sizes, window positions and heights as well as distance to boundaries.  This information can be used for many things, from those reasons listed above to getting estimates on new flooring, painting, tiling or installation of insulation.


Thinking of doing some gardening or landscaping?  


A Levelling Survey can be carried out, detailing through the recording of spot levels and contours, topographical features of a property such as dips, hollows and ridges.  Other features can be recorded like the positions of trees and flower beds. This plan can be used to position new shrubs, trees, flower and vegetable beds.  We have even known clients to use these plans as wall hangings!


Brigid Browne is a Chartered Building Surveyor with Fortress Planning and is specifically qualified in diagnosing issues with houses from crack patterns to moisture ingress.



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